Event Registration and Race Brief Information

Prior to competing in the 2020 MONTANE® Spine® Fusion & Flare events you must complete an event registration (to confirm your participation) and attend a Race Brief session. The Event Registrations & Briefings will take place at Edale Village Hall:

Location: Edale Village Hall, Edale, Hope Valley, S33 7ZA

Time: From 1300hrs

British Grid: SK 125 853

Please ensure that you attend the appropriate session for your RACE REGISTRATION. For identification purposes please bring PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION such as a DRIVER’S LICENSE or PASSPORT.

Event Registration


Date: Friday, 19 June 2020

Time: hrs

All competing SPINE® FUSION & FLARE athletes MUST REGISTER on Friday 19 June, 2020


1. Register at the REGISTRATION DESK (Edale Village Hall) located to the left of the room as you enter. Staff will be on hand to assist

2. Present your ID

3. Confirm/ update personal data

4. Receive your race number

5. A photograph with your race number will be taken for identification purposes

6. Equipment Inspection

7. Attend Pre-Race Briefing



Prior to the race you will have to complete a mandatory equipment check. This applies to all athletes. This may be a full equipment inspection.

The equipment inspection can be performed by a member of staff once you have been officially registered. The equipment does not have to be packed in to your race bag for the inspection. It can be placed in something more convenient such as a small holdall or box to speed this procedure up. As long as the requested items are present you will pass.

If you fail the inspection there are very few opportunities to rectify mistakes. You are responsible for bringing the requested items. The most common problems are with the SLEEPING BAGS & STOVES.

Please see the Equipment section for notes and guidance. If after reading this, you are unsure if an item of compulsory kit passes you can email lindley@thespinerace.com for further clarification.



Location: The Peak Centre, Edale, Hope Valley S33 7ZA

Please ensure that you attend one of the scheduled pre-race brief sessions for your respective race. The Friday sessions are for Spine® Challenger and MRT Challenge athletes, the Saturday sessions are for Spine® Race athletes.

Spine® Flare: Friday 19 June 2020

Time: 1700

Spine® Fusion: Friday 19 June 2020

Time: 1800