Spine® MRT Challenge


The Spine® MRT Challenge was born out of a conversation between myself and Scott in 2014. Oldham MRT were looking to stage an internal event for our team members to compete against each other over a section of the Pennine Way in winter. I approached Scott to seek his advice on a number of matters relating to permissions and accommodation. Scott was open and willing to advise us but we both realised there was value in our organisations working together to our mutual benefit.

And so the Spine® MRT Challenge was born, serving MREW team members have their own race and receive a subsidised entry (to cover costs for food, tracker hire) and in return a number of MREW teams provide vehicles and staff to man checkpoints along the Challenger route.

The event is open to all members of MREW but it is only made possible by the generosity and support of the Spine Race organisers and the MRT teams that assist, namely Glossop, Oldham, Holme Valley and Yorkshire Cave Rescue Organisation.

The benefits to Mountain Rescue are substantial, we can use the race as a great platform to fundraise for our teams and we also enjoy the relationship with an event which is true a winter mountain challenge.

On a personal note (having completed the event in 2018) I can honestly say that the feelings of camaraderie and fraternity between fellow MREW team members competing in the event are huge.

And to those MREW team members that give (their precious) time to support the event, you remind us how great it feels to see a red jacket when you are in need.

Thank you,

Matt Torr (Oldham Mountain Rescue)

For further information please visit Mountain Rescue.