Spine® Frequently Asked Questions

A few answers of some FAQ’s for those who dare to toe the line.

Can I purchase gas for my stove at the race registration? (International Only)

Yes, we have 100g screw type canisters for sale at the race registration for International Competitors.

Do you provide accommodation prior to the race start?

We do not provide accommodation prior to the race start. You need to arrange your own pre-race accommodation. Please make sure you book your stay for the correct night:

We strongly recommend that you book your stay at the YHA Edale or similar. Other options are available in and around Edale. Castleton YHA is in close proximity if Edale is full, but you may require transportation to the briefings and start line.

You can book your accommodation at www.yha.org.uk/hostel/edale

Can I have a resupply bag at Checkpoints?

Yes, we will transport 1x 20kg resupply bag for you to every checkpoint you visit. As long as it meets the specification below:

Your resupply bag should be sturdy enough to not split open if thrown or dropped in to the back of a vehicle or box. Your resupply bag must be either a HOLDALL or DUFFEL BAG. DO NOT use black plastic bags or carrier bags, as these will not be taken. EVERYTHING MUST FIT INSIDE.

Some of our Checkpoints in our Summer events are campsites with limited indoor space, so your resupply bag may be stored outside. Whilst this will be covered it is advisable that your resupply bag is waterproof.

You are permitted ONE RESUPPLY BAG that is moved forward. THE RESUPPLY BAG MUST NOT WEIGH MORE THAN 20KGS. IF THEY DO, THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The only additional baggage we will handle is luggage for our international competitors.

I am travelling to the UK and I have luggage with me, can you transport it for me? (International Only)

If you are one of our INTERNATIONAL ATHLETES and are travelling with extra luggage we can transport 1 x 20kg (MAX) bag for an additional fee. The bag will be transported to every Checkpoint you visit along with your resupply bag.

FLARE: £30


I wish to leave my car in Edale, what are the car parking arrangements?

If you wish to leave a vehicle in Edale this is possible by purchasing a rover pass from High Peak Borough Council for 3 or 7 days dependent on your requirements. You may also need to pay for an additional day of parking on the Friday evening, prior to using the rover pass.

These can be bought directly through the council but must be purchased in advance:



If you need assistance email us via info@thespinerace.com. Please note: We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your vehicle should that occur if you choose to leave it.

Can I resupply from a shop during the race?

One of the opportunities we allow all athletes to use along the route are shops, tea rooms, pubs etc. As long as you are not diverting off route you are free to resupply, eat and drink. Please make sure that if you do order a drink or food from a pub or cafe that you settle your bill prior to departing.

Do you provide accommodation at the finish?

At the end of your race you are permitted to use the FINISH checkpoints for a reasonable amount of time (maximum 4hrs after the race has concluded), as we understand you might be a bit tired and in need of some rest. Please be aware that others may need access to sleeping facilities (if you’re well rested), which can sometimes be limited.

SPINE® FLARE: Hardraw, there are beds and showers at the finish venue. Although, sleeping space can become limited if the checkpoint is busy. There is camping space available in the area and you should be prepared for this.

SPINE® FUSION: Our accommodation in Kirk Yetholm is a simple hall with limited facilities. It does have a sleeping space (floor), food and toilet facilities. There are alternative accommodation options in Kirk Yetholm, but there is a high demand for this. We do try our best to give you access to shower facilities but our sleeping facilities are basic.

If you do book your own accommodation in Kirk Yetholm but need to cancel pre-booked accommodation as you will not arrive on time or no longer need the room please inform the respective hotel/ accommodation ASAP to allow others use of this facility and to avoid upsetting owners.

How long can I access a Finish venue?

Once you finish your event we don’t just kick you out the door! However, once the race has concluded we need to clean and tidy our venues to the standards we received them. Once the race has concluded (for example after 60hrs or 156hrs) finish venues will be accessible for up to 4hrs.

How do I get home?

As we never know the precise time that you will finish it is very difficult to have pre-arrange transport at a specific time or date. We have tried this in the past, and it does not work for us to organise your return transport beyond having a list of those who want to share transportation at a checkpoint. Please contact a member of the Checkpoint Team for information on ride sharing.

If you are a UK based athlete it is advisable to have a family member or friend come and collect you at your finish. If you are one of our INTERNATIONAL COMPETITORS or this is not possible, we will assist if we are able, with transport to a local train station etc. Our assistance in this matter cannot be guaranteed, and as such, it is expected you make your own travel arrangements home. We are happy to help booking taxis, or looking at train/ bus timetables etc.

What happens with lost property?

Prior to your departure from the event please check the lost property bags/ boxes for any items of your equipment that you may have lost. If you realise an item has been lost when you return home, get in touch with us and we will see if it has been collected in our lost property. You will be informed of any charges and how to pay this prior to us sending.