Britain's most brutal race series. Follow live from:

MONTANE® Spine® Challenger: 0800, 13 Jan

MONTANE® Spine® MRT Challenge: 0900, 13 Jan

MONTANE® Spine® Race: 0800, 14 Jan


MONTANE® Spine® Race Events

Welcome to the MONTANE® Spine® Race

The MONTANE® Spine® Race is widely regarded as one of the world’s toughest endurance races. A truly epic challenge that will test your physical resilience and mental fortitude. Racing non-stop along the most iconic trail in the UK, you will experience the full intensity and ferocity of the British Winter. Prepare yourself for the biggest challenge of your life.

The 2018 events begin 13 January with the MONTANE® Spine® Race, Challenger & MRT Challenge. Followed by our summer events the MONTANE® Spine® Fusion & Flare in June.

If you would like to learn more about our events or how to participate, please browse the website or use the contact section if you have any questions for us.

The MONTANE® Spine® Races are part of the Ultra Endurance Series.


Official Charity Event

MONTANE® Spine® MRT Challenge

A special edition of the MONTANE® Spine® Challenger exclusive for active Mountain Rescue members.



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